AAC Block Factory in India

Intra Automation is a well-known premier AAC block factory in India for the manufacturing of AAC blocks with high-quality materials. We are also one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of AAC Block. AAC Blocks are a unique and excellent type of building material due to their terrific heat, fire and sound resistance. These blocks do not cause any biodegradable pollution. It also saves your time and gives a higher forte to your construction. AAC has a non-toxic building material that saves vitality and is responsive to the environment.

AAC is well suited for municipal areas with high-rise constructions and those with high-temperature variations. Due to its lower density, high-rise buildings constructed using AAC require less steel and concrete. Intra Automation offers its clients a wide range of AAC blocks manufactured as per international standards and is considered the best AAC block factory in India. The products are fabricated using high-grade raw materials. Our products are highly required in the industry for their superior quality.

AAC block factory in India