AAC Block Plant Manufacturing Unit

Intra Automation is a well-known AAC block plant manufacturing unit in Hyderabad. AAC Blocks hold low weight and high strength. AAC Blocks have a larger size and low thickness and are used for panelling. Though these blocks are hard they would require fortification to hold steadiness, AAC Blocks are humidity resistant. These blocks can endure a high mechanical effect once they are set. Due to high strength and low weight, these blocks are used for cost reduction and economic construction.

Due to their sustainability and eco-friendly nature, AAC blocks are highly recommended among users. AAC bricks are now commonly used building materials to cut down on the overall building construction cost while ensuring the quality and build remains intact. A wide range of machines is available as per the customers’ demand. Some of its quick features are:

  • Better workability and faster erection
  • Thermal insulation and energy-efficiency
  • Inexpensive
  • High compressive strength
  • Moisture-proof and Pest-resistant
AAC Block Plant Manufacturing Unit