AAC Block plants

AAC block plant manufacturers. Intraautomation India’s foremost manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of aac block plants, which are in Production and producing high-quality AAC Block plants. INTRA is constantly upgrading technology to supply plants of state of the art technology. We are manufacturing aac block plant with both fly ash technology and sand-based technology, and we always have given our best to our valuable customers.Intra provides the machinery with the best quality, operation and valuable after-sales service in the Industry.AAC Blocks is endlessly growing as an easy, suitable, safer, higher and environment-friendly Green Building material exchanging commonly used conventional clay bricks. AAC is well suitable for urban areas with high rise buildings and with high temperature variations.

We provide AAC Block Making Plant with all-inclusive valuable support in machinery selection as per capacity required, import process documentation, local machinery designing and set-up, import machinery erection, training to staff, successful production start-up, best quality production tuning, valuable after-sales service, and warranty.
AAC Block making plant is a valuable set-up and used to manufacture AAC Blocks, which are most demanding in India construction Industry.


• Easy and flexible operating machinery
• Long term durability
• Minimum maintenance
• Optimum output
• Light-weight Faster and easier transportation
• Higher-strength

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