Intraautomation is India’s largest Machinery to make cement wall panels manufacturers. We are actively engaged in manufacturing and supplying a high-performance assortment of building and construction machinery like Machinery to make cement wall panels. Aac block manufacturing plants, Fiber cement board making plants etc… Apart from this we also render the world-class maintenance and services for the same.
Intra group of companies are the best cement wall panels manufacturers in India. A wide variety of precast cement wall panel making machine options is available at intra group. They design, develop and manufacture wall panels with integrated handling systems, which are extremely reliable and easy to use. The components are manufactured by industrial methods. We are a focus on manufacturing kinds of block plants, block making machines, wall panel machine to make it simple, more functional, less energy consumption, easy control, easy to move, less emission, our main branch is in India, and even Abroad also.