Plant To Make Sandwich Wall Panels

Sandwich Wall PanelsIntra Group is one of the best and leading manufacturer and supplier of plant to make sandwich wall panels across the world. We have great expert team members in designing and developing of sandwich wall panels. Mainly focusing on innovative design to modernize and to improve the manufacturing facility. Therefore the machinery gives high performance with less work in installation. Dedicated with high competent technical team expert designers and skilled engineers about 150 persons.

Intra has core competency in designs, quality control at every stages of manufacture and ability to make custom built machinery with the help of our highly qualified and dedicated team.

Main Components of Sandwich Wall Panels:

  1. Double-Sided Armouring(Steel Sheets): Ensures external style protection and infill heat insulation material.
  2. Building Material: By using expression Sandwich Wall Panels, building material pre produced under in plant compilations.
  3. In case of industrial hall buildings, sandwich panel are commonly using for insulating, self-supported sandwich panel with double sided metal for armouring.
  4. Filling heat insulation can be used in various types, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, glass wool and phenol foam expanded or extruded polystyrene.
  5. Panels with PUR/PIR filling perform better considering the contemporary of thermal conductivity and authentic weight. For fire protection, panels with mineral wool filling have better parameters.