Machinery And Fabrication Of Heavy Engineering Equipment

Machinery-And-Fabrication-Of-Heavy-Engineering-EquipmentINTRA GROUP are familiar manufacturer of Machinery And Fabrication Of Heavy Engineering Equipment in Hyderabad. Our Team supports design engineers from conceptualization through the final product which manufactures to speed up design cycles. We have many years of experience in the fiber cement industry and we focus on innovative design and work continuously to modernize and improve manufacturing facilities so that machinery after installation gives trouble-free high performance. Our company lays quality control and we have fully-equipped laboratory and testing equipment in order to check on the material as well as the quality of finished products. We enabled the company to adopt Quality Standards in every manufacturing process. Our company’s aim is to deliver high-quality products which promise strength and durability. We would be glad to receive all your inquiries. We make sure that you would always get the best product range from us at competitive prices.

Our design services
  1. Detail concept design, packaging, styling to manufacturing drawings
  2. Value engineering and part optimization
  3. Design failure/process failure mode effect analysis and design verification plan & report
  4. Packaging machine design
  5. Structural & durability analysis
  6. Meshing & finite element modeling