Manufacturing AAC locks

Intra Automation is famous for manufacturing AAC blocks in Hyderabad, India. As homes are changing, Intra Automation has introduced AAC blocks to build the new-age houses. Manufacturing AAC blocks use fully equipped plant machinery and the latest technology to guarantee high standards of quality and make. Additionally, the AAC blocks find various applications for constructional purposes. AAC blocks are a perfect solution for all kinds of building structures such as schools, hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, and apartments. Owing to their superior build and quality; our product ranges are highly regarded by our customers. AAC Blocks can tolerate extreme climatic conditions and remains unaffected under normal atmospheric conditions for years.

The plant procedures are managed and functioned by specialists having vast experience of more than 20 years in the field of AAC technology. Some of its features are as follows:

  • AAC blocks reduce the construction time by 20%
  • AAC blocks are non-combustible and possess fire-resistant properties.
  • These lightweight blocks are easy to install as well as set and harden quickly.
  • It is earthquake-resistant by contributing the required strength.


Manufacturing AAC Blocks